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Grace Space

A place where parents and young children/toddlers who have been blessed or baptised in church (or who just want to come and join in) get together to have a leisurely breakfast, after which the children take part in "messy" activities. Parents can join in or sit and have a quiet coffee and chat/read the paper. Afterwards the children join their parents for a short "show and tell" time, and take home what they have made.

If you would like to come along, we cater for children aged from birth to about seven but obviously older siblings can come too. We meet bi-monthly and usually on the first Sunday of the month.  Breakfast is served from 9.45 am and consists of fruit juice, a choice of cereal, bacon/sausage butties, toast and jam/marmalade plus tea or coffee. For catering purposes or enquiries please telephone Lynn on 4163594 or click here to email.

Please note- The months we meet have been changed so that the dates do not conflict with New Year, Easter etc.  So we meet in December, February, April etc.

What we did in June:  

We met on 3rd June to learn why Jesus had been celebrating Passover on the night before he was arrested and later crucified. 

So, a long journey back in history to when the Israelites had been enslaved in Egypt.  Moses had been told by God that he was to go to Pharaoh and ask him to let the Israelites go into the desert in order to worship God.  Pharaoh refused.

There followed ten plagues prophesied by Moses if Pharaoh continued to be stubborn and refuse to let the people go.

He did, and even though the final plague was to rob him of his eldest son and the eldest son of all the Egyptians he still refused.  God instructed Moses that the Israelites were to kill a lamb, eat all of it, accompany it with bread made without yeast as there would be no time to let it rise, put on their outer clothes and shoes and be ready to leave.  To make sure no harm came to them or their sons they were to paint the doorposts with the lamb's blood and death would 'pass over' them.  After the death of the first born sons Pharaoh at last told Moses they could all go.  

Then followed the miracle of Moses parting the waters of the Reed Sea to allow the Israelites to cross and escape from the Egyptians, who then decided to follow after  them.

We wove sheets of paper like the papyrus sheets the Egyptians used, made up our names in heiroglyphs, made nasty fake boils like one of the plagues that attacked the Egyptians.  We made up pitta bread 'kebabs' with lamb burgers to remind us of the meal the Israelites had.  We made pyramids and 'bricks' out of bread and cheese to represent the straw and mud that the Israelites had to use to make the bricks for the pyramids. 

Then we 'crossed the Sea of Reeds' like the Israelites and celebrated the Passover meal as they had done every year following their miracle escape from Egypt.  We took it another step forward to the time when Jesus celebrated Passover with his disciples when he said as they shared bread they should remember him and as they drank wine they should also remember that he was the 'lamb that was sacrificed for them', our present day Holy Communion or Eucharist. 

Our next meeting will be on Sunday 9th October 2017 due to work in the kitchen