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This is ministry within schools.  It is backed by the Bible Society and seeks to bring the stories in the Bible to primary schools in Britain.  The stories are taken from The Lion Storyteller Bible written by Bob Hartman and Krisztina Kallai Nagy.  They are acted out by a team from the local church who are trained to deliver these scripted sessions at a school assembly.  

The school allow us to take over their Assembly time once monthly and there is always an additional short time of reflection for the children to think about the story and how it is relevant to their own lives.

Children can be asked to take part and there is a short time of reflection for the children following the story and a prayer at the end, which they can partake in by repeating 'Amen' at the end, or not if they so wish.

We hope these sessions are of interest to the children and especially hope they are a blessing, as they are to those who deliver them!