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Our Christian Church family is made up of people from all walks of life who are drawn together by a common faith.

Please feel free to find out more about us on this site

 and if you live or are visiting the North-East of England (near the Angel of the North or Bowes Museum), we will be delighted to see you at any of our Church Services or events.


Church Services

Unfortunately at the present time, the church is still unavailable for group worship or for groups to meet in the Church buildings. Although some government restrictions have been lifted, our Church with others in Bede Circuit remain closed while consultations and discussions take place to consider the best and safest way forward. 
Online Bede Circuit Services continue to be streamed live on Zoom, as follows:

Sundays, 2, 9, 16 and 23 August at 10.30 am -  Bede Worship Service                                                                                                         
Wednesdays, 5, 12, 19 and 26 August at 10.00 am - Bede Morning Prayer Service                                                                                     
The ID and Password for these meetings are as shown below.             

Bede Circuit Services

 Bede Morning Worship poster
Click here for details of how to download the Zoom App.  This is a wonderful opportunity to share together in what we know are difficult and taxing times. After each service , there is an opportunity to 'meet' with others in groups.

              Church News and Events

Printed Worship Service Resources etc: For anyone who hasn't received the printed weekly Circuit letter and the printed Service for this week, they can be accessed here:
Circuit Letter - click here
Printed Service resource - click here

New Bible Study: This will be throughout July via Zoom as before and on the book of Jonah. Sessions take place on Mondays, at 7 pm and repeated Thursdays, at 10.30 am. Zoom meeting ID: 919 6879 5706 and Password: 711688 

Zoom hymn-sing-along: Rev Matt is on leave for the next two weeks so there will be no hymn-sing-alongs until his return.

Pastoral Needs: Please contact your appointed Pastoral Visitor.

Social Isolating? If you live in the Washington/Springwell Village area and are unable to go out to do shopping, there is a team of volunteers to help. Please contact Rev Matt with your order on a Wednesday by 6.00 pm for delivery the following Friday. In an emergency - essential supplies only please, eg medicines, bread, milk - Rev Matt can be contacted on a Monday (phone 0191 4132572). 

A Weekly Worship Sheet is being prepared by the Circuit Ministry Team and can be emailed to you, (your email details to Rev Matt, please if you wish to receive these).  Peter Beal is kindly distributing some printed copies during his exercise time around the Village. Please contact Peter if you live in Springwell and would like to be added to his list alternatively, click here to leave your details.

Contributions to Church: It is hoped members will continue, if they are able, to make their weekly contributions either via the envelope scheme or via your bank by direct debit.  If you wish to discuss this latter type of payment, please contact Stuart either by telephone or email or click here to leave your details.

Open Door: Copies of our July newsletter have been sent out where an email address is known. Please leave your details here if you wish to receive the newsletter by email into your personal inbox. 
It can also be read online by clicking here.

Items for inclusion in future issues of Open Door are always welcome - please use the Contact page here!

Craft and Chatter: Although this group has had to be cancelled, crafting can continue at home, especially the knitting and crocheting of poppies, which will form displays at the Forties Weekend (unfortunately cancelled this year but there is always next year!)  If you are running short of wool, Lynn has some - please telephone 4163594.

Washington Community Food Project -  Their temporary distribution point is at present at Oxclose Church where they are open for referrals and donations, etc Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 9.30 - 12 noon. Regular donation points remain at Asda, Sainsbury's, Virgin Money in the Galleries and Sainsbury's Teal Farm.  
Operations in their unit upstairs in the Galleries will be resumed on Tuesday, 14 July and will be strictly in line with social distancing etc guidelines.

For Springwell Village, there is a collection box on the drive of Chris and Caroline Lane at 4 Highworth Drive (just off Uplands Way) with regular deliveries to WCFP. 

There is also ‘Leave a Tin Washington’ - a new initiative started by 3 Washington ladies and where people can leave a tin of food (or more) on their door step and it will be collected once a Week with all donations donated to Washington Food Bank. If you are interested, join the Leave a Tin Facebook group to leave your details and request the collection date for your area. 

Our Church is unable to be a collection point for the Food Bank due to present circumstances.

At 28 June, the Food Bank was running low of the following items:

Tins of potatoes and fruit, custard, sweets, crisps, coffee, soap and bags for life although anything will be appreciated during these difficult times or monetary donations will be welcome - these can be made through the PayPal link on the WCFP Facebook page - details below. 

Donations can be dropped off at any of their many drop offs - see above and their Facebook page. 

Examples of items always needed are:-

Dried potato (Smash), UHT Milk, tins of vegetables and rice pudding. They always welcome tinned ham/corned beef/mince, dried spaghetti, cereals and pasta sauces plus the staples - tea and instant coffee. They would also appreciate donations of baby food, wipes and nappies. They also accept pet food.

Supplies of toiletries and sanitary products are always appreciated. 

As demand is increasing more than ever in these difficult times,  it is vital that donations continue. They are very much appreciated by those people who find themselves in desperate circumstances.  

People needing help, can ask the Job Centre, their landlord, such as Gentoo, their health or social worker, some churches etc, who can make about a referral if they are in need.

The Food Bank doesn't deal with any self referrals or people who turn up on spec without going to a referral agency first."

More details including the opening times are on the website: also up to date news etc on Facebook:-