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Christmas is coming!


Advent candles

Advent is from the Latin word ‘adventus’ meaning ‘arrival’ or ‘coming’. It is the four week period ending on Christmas Eve and is a time for us to prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus and to look forward to the time when He will come again.

  Advent wreath here at Springwell.

The circle (symbolizing God with no beginning  & no end) is made with sprigs of evergreen plants - a reminder that God does not change. There are also 4 red candles surrounding a white candle. The first red candle (representing Hope) is lit on the first Sunday of Advent then an additional one is lit each following Sunday (representing Peace, Love & Joy respectively). Having lit all 4 red candles, the centre white one - the Christ Candle representing the purity and the light of the world, is normally lit on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Advent candles tell their story
as we watch and pray,
longing for the Day of Glory,
"Come Lord soon," we say.
Pain and sorrow, tears and sadness
change for gladness on  that day.

You are very welcome to come into Church to see the Advent wreath............ 

Church Christmas Crib...........and our lovely Nativity Scene which is now displayed in the Church.

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is coming, the Church is glad to sing
And let the advent candles brightly burn in a ring.

The first is for God's promise to put the wrong things right,
And bring to earth's darkness the hope of love and light.

The second for the prophets, who said that Christ would come
With good news for many and angry words for some.

The third is for the Baptist, who cried, 'Prepare the way,
Be ready for Jesus, both this and every day.'

The fourth is for the Virgin, who mothered God's own son
and sang how God's justice was meant for everyone.

At last we light the candle kept new for Christmas day,
This shines bright for Jesus, new-born, and here to stay.

Christ is among us. The candles in a ring,
Remind us that our Saviour will light up everything.

John Bell