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Due to the lack of leaders, the Y21 youth group which started 13 Dec 2001 sadly closed with a Christmas party
on Thursday, 6 December 2018. 


Logo by Katie A. - winner of the 2010 children's competition

Logo designed by Katie Aldridge - winner of 2010 competition
"Christian Youth in the 21st Century"

  “It’s the best place in my life”    Hannah aged 8

Y21 started at the Church on 13 September 2001 .  Boys Brigade had already closed and after much prayerful guidance, the leaders made the heartfelt decision to close Girls Brigade and start a completely new group, within a Christian setting, for both girls and boys.

“I really, really enjoy it”  Rhys aged 9    

“It’s good”   Cole aged 5

Y21 is run entirely by volunteers and meets every Thursday evening during term time.  Y21 is constantly evolving to meet current requirements and we now have 35 members from 5 years upwards (and a waiting list).

“It’s good AND it’s got a tuck shop”   Chloe aged 9

“It’s fun and exciting and I like to see my friends” Sophie aged 6

Activities include indoor sport, craft making, simple cooking plus occasional visits from professionals e.g. Community Police, Fire and Rescue Service, St John Ambulance etc. 
The children have a fun evening and have the opportunity to let off steam and we do try to accommodate any special requests for activities the children may make.

“I like the freedom and the running around”  Jonathon aged 6

“I like playing with the Lego” Simon aged 6

“It’s fun and there is always something to do”  Niamh aged 8

Each session is closed with a short Christian story followed by The Lord’s Prayer.  This is conducted on a rota basis by a church member.  Parents are invited to join the children in prayer if they wish.

"I like to come because I like sweeties”  Luke aged 6

“I like playing games”   Angela aged 6

“I like making biscuits”  Hazel aged 6

Y21 was a happy,successful
Christian Youth Group
run by enthusiastic volunteers
for enthusiastic children!

  “It’s fun!”   Livvy aged 7

“Huh!  I was volunteered!” -
Bill the Tuck Shop Man – age unknown!